Thursday, April 9, 2009

YOUR Favorites?

Husband D is giving me grief for not including the Joseph Cotton character, Holly Martins, from The Third Man, in my "favorite film characters" meme.

I said, "That's your list." Duh.

But it reminded me that I -- rudely -- forgot to invite you to play along (did it need to be said?)? Who are some of your all time favorites?


  1. Ha - I just commented on your post where you tagged me...go to my blog, and you'll see that your husband and I think (somewhat) alike. Sorry, I had to pick the Major over Martins!

  2. Gotta agree, your husband's right on this one.

  3. Oh, he'll be happy to hear that. Er, I mean, because, um, he's ALWAYS right.

  4. There's almost too many great characters to decide! I did really like your choice of Atticus Finch, I always liked that movie. His kids in the movie were also very good.


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