Monday, April 20, 2009

"Horse Boy" Documentary

If autism touches your life, you may be especially interested in this documentary, which will be released in the fall along with a book. I just read an article about it, and was so intrigued, I felt I should pass it on. (Web site and film trailer below.)

Journalist Rupert Isaacson and his wife Kristin know autism all too well. Their young son, Rowan, was diagnosed in 2004 when he was two years old. When Rupert noticed that his son had a strange affect on his beloved quarterhorse, Betsy (she displayed "submissive" body language and behavior in Rowan's presence), and that Betsy also had a very interesting and positive effect on Rowan (immensely soothing, with the boy's physical "stims" and gestures silenced, and a voice found), a window was flung open, allowing new perspectives, ideas and hope into the Isaacson household.

As a journalist, Isaacson was accustomed to visiting exotic locales, and not long after the diagnosis, Rupert was called to Africa. Kristin and Rowan joined him for part of the trip, and after another startling discovery, involving tribal elders and shamans taking Rowan into rituals and ceremonies in an attempt, essentially, to "heal" the young boy, the surprised parents noticed a change in Rowan's behavior. Rowan's symptoms eased and seemed to be reversing.

The Isaacsons decided to embark on a true journey of a lifetime, and this journey is the focus of Horse Boy. Combining the possibilities of shamanistic healing with the calming effect of horses, the family set out -- on horseback -- across the Steppe of Mongolia to the forests of Siberia, visiting healers and shamans all along the way.

The film is their story.

"Horse Boy" is showing at select festivals and events in spring and summer, but will receive a proper release in the fall.

For now, you can visit the web site for more info, and/or watch the trailer below.


  1. Thank you for creating this link.

  2. Those with similar stories, please contact me.
    Tami Lynn, Producer

  3. I knew about a kind of therapy that has been approved for children with autism. They use horses as a therapy or treatment for that disorder.


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