Saturday, April 25, 2009


7 Grand Masters, starring Jack Long and Lee Yi Min, is a classic kung-fu movie, with amazing choreography and kung-fu talent. Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, et al, are nowhere to be found, but aficionados of the genre will tell you this is one for your list.

It’s also very family friendly, which is a bit of a challenge with martial arts films... It’s nothing but razor-sharp karate chops, back flips, somersaults and juggled knives (oh, and hilarious sound effects; you never heard so much slapping and whooshing in your life!).

The great thing for the kids is that there is little talking, it’s pretty much all action, and there’s also oodles of honor and integrity, mostly displayed by all those challenged by the aging master. He’s on a journey to confirm that he is, indeed, the best, before he will allow a banner claiming the honor to be posted at his school. (How’s that for integrity?)

The only warning I can muster here is that there is a hanger-on, a wannabe, following the master and his posse who wants so desperately to become a student, and he’s treated rather nastily ... some very mean spirited stuff goes on before they accept him. In fact (the other caveat), in one scene they are eating a roasted animal around a campfire and they give him a piece, prompting him to spit, “This tastes like ass,” and they laugh uproariously and confirm that, yes, indeed, he is eating the least appealing part of the thing.

Other than that, it’s tons of action, and tons of fun and really safe for the kids.

Here's a rather long trailer, but you only need to see a minute or two to whet your appetite.


  1. I saw you mention this in your comment on my blog regarding Master of the Flying Guillotine. Well, you're right -- one minute was enough to sell me on this movie. Thanks!

  2. Nice update! When did this happen? I am behind the times I think... Nice!

  3. Thanks FF and CP! FF, we need more family friendly Fu movies in the world, don't we? .....


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