Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Disney's EARTH

If you've seen the trailer in theaters for Disney's Earth, to be released on Earth Day (April 22), you might be thinking, "Hmmm, some of those shots look familiar." I was surprised to read that the film is basically comprised of "Planet Earth" segments (reviewed elsewhere on KidsFlix) and not only was it originally done with Patrick Stewart narrating (and I believe released in Europe last year), but his voice was replaced with that of the formidable James Earl Jones for the U.S. release.

Ok, should that matter? I'm not sure. If folks fork over $10 a head for movie tickets and $20 on popcorn and treats, and settle in for some bigger-than-life shots of nature at its best, and then feel like they're at home watching a re-run of something they can't quite put their finger on ... then maybe it matters.

This is the first feature-length nature documentary from Disney's new production banner, Disneynature, so we'll see what follows. Maybe this is the kick-off release; if so, it's hard to argue with the quality of the product. Also, Disney will plant a tree for every ticket sold opening week.
That alone makes it worth going (ok, that and the three animal families we follow for a year: African elephants, polar bears and humpback whales. Excellent selection!). The New York Times reports:

“Disney’s goal is to ensure that it plants trees in areas that conservationists have identified as important hot spots of biodiversity. Disney will oversee the planting of the trees in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest, which is considered the most endangered rain forest in the world. Today, only 7 percent of the Atlantic Forest remains. Disney is committed to ensuring the trees are planted and cared for to provide the greatest long term benefit for the planet.”

The Times goes on to say that based on opening week ticket sales for Disney's March of the Penguins, they could be looking at a half million or so tickets/trees.

Here's a trailer lifted from YouTube. You can go to
Apple Trailers for a true HD, super-duper pretty version of it. Wow. Also, visit this Disney site for more images, downloads, games and educational material related to the film.

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  1. Being based in Europe, I have already watched this film. (Wrote a very short review on it It is really a great movie. I would definitely recommend watching it!

  2. I think it should have been rated PG-13 instead of "NR" I took my 6 year old to see it. She really wasn't ready for the "circle of life" scenes. We have to leave before it was over. I personally really enjoyed what I saw of the movie, but I wonder how it ended?

  3. Hm... I could see it being a PG movie, but PG-13 is a bit much! Of course, I haven't seen this version of it, so maybe I should see it and THEN spout my opinion. But I do think Disney's intended audience is children/families, and PG-13 wouldn't serve them (or the film) well.


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