Sunday, August 10, 2008



This utterly charming British film (complete with fairly frothy accents) follows the adventures of young brothers Damian (Alex Etel, also starring in 2007’s The Waterhorse) and Anthony (Lewis McGibbon), who find a bag of British money, just days before the U.K. will be switching from the pound to the Euro. The money was stolen en route to being destroyed, and Damian and Anthony can scarcely believe their luck. Did they find the money, or was it sent from God, as Damian believes, to enable him to do saintly tasks on earth? Anthony just wants to spend the money in a way that might benefit him most, happily guilt-free.

Of course, the big question – what to do with the money – creates a number of practical and moral dilemmas for the boys. Directed by Danny Boyle, who did the superb zombie-horror flick 28 Days, this film has heart, a touch of magic, and succeeds in asking the question, “What makes us ‘good’?” Rated PG for some scary moments with the bad guys, brief and very mild sexual humor.

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