Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Movies

Happy 2009!

Regarding our trip to NY (oh, the city looks so beautiful decked out for the holidays!) and our interest in the film/TV museums, I just wanted to make clear that son K is a budding filmmaker who is just as interested as I am in these venues. (I realized it sounded like I would be dragging him around since I’m a bit of a
film freak, but he shares my enthusiasm, honestly.) He makes films using my Flip camera and our Macs and has done some pretty cool things. His first piece was a “video” for the Iron and Wine song, “Boy With A Coin.” He put together all kinds of images, using only the camera in the laptop (this was pre-Flip) and special effects available in iMovie; it was rather surprising to us all that it was so good. I think he has auteur blood. If he ever finishes it -- and if you clamor nicely for it -- maybe I’ll post it someday.

Speaking of New York, the Times has a nice list of up and coming movies if you’re wondering what’s next, now that all the big Oscar contenders have hit the screen.

For the kiddies, here's a link for upcoming family films (Hoodwinked 2, Hotel for Dogs and Inkheart are all slated for January). Lisa Kudrow makes for one cute mom in Hotel for Dogs (trailer below)!

I'll give a report later on the Museum of the Moving Image.

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