Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Random Act of Self Indulgence .05

So, I was thrilled when Mickey Rourke won the Golden Globe. THRILLED. But is he now going to be in every other movie that comes out? He’s in a Sly Stallone project coming out later this year, The Expendables; a John Madden movie, Killshot (early reports are not very good, I’m afraid), plus something else that escapes me at the moment. Slow down, Rourke. Don’t wear out your welcome! And don’t take crummy roles!

Paris, Je T’aime is a wonderful little celluloid package of hearts and flowers dedicated to the world’s most beautiful city and the people who live there. It’s a multi-culti bundle of surprises, each five-minute film exploring the City of Lights, featuring a variety of directors and actors. Each one is its own small work of art. I just read somewhere that there is a similar project in the works for New York City, and I love that idea! It seems only natural Woody Allen would be involved in something called New York, I Love You, doesn’t it? But I don’t know for sure.

Speaking of Woody, his next film, Whatever Works, is -- sigh -- about a May-December relationship between characters played by Evan Rachel Wood and Larry David (!). Wood’s character has a meddling mother who tries to ruin their relationship by introducing the young, hunky Henry Cavill to her daughter.

I can’t think of a joke or anything pithy to say here.

Kid film news:

The classic 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea is being remade, apparently, by the director McG, who did a couple of Charlie’s Angels movies and the new Terminator film coming later this year. It should be a Disney movie, but we’ll see what kind of rating it ends up with. Do we really need a remake, when the original was so good?

And Karate Kid, which K still hasn’t really seen even though it’s on TV quite often, is being remade with Will Smith’s kid Jaden in the part played originally by Ralph Macchio. Macchio was several years older than Jaden is when he did the original; seems like it might be a pretty loose remake.

Oscar nominations tomorrow!!


  1. I've heard this Karate Kid tracking and it makes me desperately sad. Karate Kid is a classic, so well done, well cast and genuinely entertaining. Jaden Smith, as per The Day the Earth Stood Still, is a talentless, obnoxious, hack. Is it too harsh to call a kid a hack? I don't know, probably, but his self-important melodramatic style begs for it. If this project goes forward, it will be awful and that is a guarantee. Come on, why can't kids just watch the REAL Karate Kid?? SWEEP THE LEG, JOHNNY!

  2. You know, i haven't seen Jaden in anything, so was holding my tongue, but i don't like the whole idea, either! what is wrong, can't people come up with good, original film ideas anymore? Hey, I've got a few, over here! hey you, hey mister, look over here!!!
    (Wax on... Wax off!)


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