Monday, January 26, 2009

HBO's "JOHN ADAMS" - Again

I’ve had a number of people land here on KidsFlix searching for information on the HBO series, “John Adams,” mostly wondering if it’s “kid friendly.”

After talking to a few people, including my dad, who was completely wowed by the series, I think it’s safe to say this: Paul Giamatti has well earned every award he's taken home for his portrayal of one of our country’s founders and our second president, and it’s an incredible piece of work, but it likely won’t hold the attention of kids under 14 or 15. (One friend’s 14-year old rolled her eyes and whined constantly, so they gave up after the first episode.)

My dad says it should be required watching in high school, and agrees that younger kids would have a hard time staying engaged. Other than some fairly mild, implied "player" behavior on the part of one Ben Franklin, and an intense scene involving breast cancer “surgery” (and a bared breast), it sounds like there’s nothing racy or offensive, it’s just an historical epic, turned out more like a Masterpiece Theater work than a Disney film.

We were going to give this a shot with 11-yr old K, but I think we’ll wait.

Hope this helps those of you coming here hoping for some direction!

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