Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Your Suggestions

Ok, now that I've started to send out the link to the world at large, hopefully we'll have some eyes here, and I'd LOVE to get titles from YOU ... things you think we should write about here.

Someone said the other day, "Oh, you'll write up Fantasia, even though it's Disney, right?"

I was stumped. Fantasia IS a great movie for kids. It's not that obscure, however. So I'm not sure I would do it, based on that more than the fact that it's a Disney film. (I've got one title in the queue that carries the Disney label; it won't be a deal breaker!)

Maybe you could help me decide in either direction. Mostly what I hope to do here is provide ideas that are a bit unusual, interesting, thought provoking, or just plain fun (like some John Wayne films that are also in the queue). Parents don't have the time to think about this stuff too much, so that's my driving force here...

So, please use the comments section here for feedback and ideas! And have fun browsing....



  1. Check out "The Point." The 1971 brainchild (while on acid) of the late singer-songwriter Harry Nillson. "Yellow Submarine"-style animation (Ringo Starr voices one of the characters). Nice message. Works for little kids and I would think might appeal to a 10-year-old. As well as an adult.

  2. Hey, that's one I haven't heard of... Thanks!

  3. My son just turned 6 and I've been using netflix so he can watch the things that I watched as a child: comedies. He's laughed at Charlie Chaplin's shorts, The Three Stooges, Tom & Jerry, and Bugs Bunny. I just got him a double-dosage of learning: School House Rock and The Best of Electric Company.

    I prefer to expose my son to shorter episodes of the above comedies rather than movies. We've tried Star Wars but Darth Vader seemed a little too scary for him but I know some day it won't.

  4. Darth can be a big scary. My son has loved Tom & Jerry since he was little... such classic cartoons!

    I just saw an ad somewhere for the re-release of the School House Rock episode/s that deal with presidential elections, and it comes with some kind of "election night kit." I thought that sounded pretty cool for slightly older kids. I might try one for K. He'll likely roll his eyes, but then maybe get into it.

    Hmm. I might not be in the best mood on election night, depending on how it goes... maybe he'd be better off in bed nice and early.

    No! I refuse! Let me rephrase... I will be JUMPING FOR JOY ON ELECTION NIGHT!!


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