Monday, September 22, 2008


Last in our trio of "snow dog" movies, we have White Fang (1991), another Jack London story put to film. Also set in Alaska during the Gold Rush, Jack (a young Ethan Hawke) sets off to find gold on his deceased father’s claim, but runs into some real bad guys and an intriguing dog (half wolf) along the way.

While it’s basically the well-worn story of the bond between man and dog, there is more to it (clear themes of friendship, trust, good and bad, etc.), and, again, for a Disney movie, it has a mature sophistication about it that sets it apart. That said, it’s also for older kids, definitely 10 and up. There is a bit of violence and some unseemly dead bodies and threatening situations that are surely not meant for the younger set.
Any of these would do well on a cold winter night, with a cuppa hot cocoa to wash down the popcorn.

(Or better yet, watch them on a hot summer night... they’ll help cool everyone down!)


  1. Movies like this bring back memories. I remember mom reading the reviews when we were kids to see if it was an allowable movie for us to watch. Who would have thought you would be blogging on the same thing!

    Great job sis, love it!


  2. This is one of those films that my sis latched onto and watched 80 times a week for about three years. I loved it at first, become homicidal upon screening now. But it was a well-done, compelling little film. You're right, tho, I remember some pretty violent scenes!


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