Monday, September 22, 2008


A "snow dog" movie that’s difficult to negatively pick apart is Eight Below (2006). This is a superb telling of a story about a professional guide at a scientific research center in the Antarctic and his sled dogs, and the terrible ordeal they face on a particular expedition. (And, yes, it's a Disney film, but it doesn't feel like one!)

Actually, that’s about half the movie, with the other half concentrating on the fate of the dogs, which are left behind at the center when everyone evacuates due to a deadly storm. There’s no room on the plane for the hardworking canines, and their abandonment is difficult for everyone, including the viewer. We follow the guide as he goes through the painful process of finding his beloved dogs.

I remember getting choked up a few times watching this movie, but some reviewers have referred to it as too manufactured or formulaic.

They’re just heartless.


  1. hi, found your blog in the internet - coz i just watched eight below the other day - oh boy.. did i cried! honestly, though the story line is so simple, but the way the dogs "acted" - it's just marvelous! I loved Maya and Max, and it's so unfortunate - Dewey and Jack had to die.. :'( And I was so frustrated when I heard Dr McClaren rejecting Shepard's request to go rescue the dogs. He's forgotten that the dogs saved him TWICE. Got him his jewel on the mountain. sigh... i just love these dogs...

  2. i loved this movie - i don't care how cheesey it is - i'm a big dog person and used to work with a sled dog team - upwards of 21 dogs at a time....i cried the big ugly cry during this movie.



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