Friday, March 6, 2009

Dig Deeper!

I have not a new review for you today, I'm sorry to say.

Instead, I'm encouraging you to dig deeper into KidsFlix and will even give you a (meta)physical assist by driving you right into some titles especially worthy of your time.

It's easy to see from my fabulous tracking software that visitors don't tend to go much past the current month's offerings ... In fact, I may exhibit the same behavior when I hit a blog semi-regularly, come to think of it. Who has the time?

Ok, here are a few gems you should check out (and when I say "gems,"do I mean exceptionally beautiful posts created by your guide, or do I mean films? Hmmm. You decide!):

(Newest to oldest postings --)

Little Manhattan
Hayao Miyazaki films
Linnea in Monet's Garden
The Prisoner (TV Series)
Ray Harryhausen films
Children of Heaven
God Grew Tired of Us

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