Monday, February 23, 2009

Random Act of Self Indulgence .08

Ok, enough time has passed that I can now write about my huge disappointment in not being able to see the Oscars last night. We had a monster snowstorm last night, and lost our ABC affiliate about 20 minutes into the Big Show.

I don't know if I've ever scowled quite like I did last night, or cursed my rural state quite as much or as colorfully as I did.


Not a big deal. We kept our power, and many people lost it and are just getting it restored. I'm grateful for that (really ... I am...).

I'm thrilled at the Sean Penn win and the screenwriting win for Milk, as well. Yay. Yay. Yay.

I've heard mixed opinions on the show: refreshing, with all the song-and-dance stuff? Lively and entertaining? Or Dullsville?

What did you think?

One thing: I'm pretty sure the Oscars should include clips from the films and performances that are nominated. Pretty sure. You?


  1. I have to say, though I enjoyed "Milk," I'm not so stoked that it won best original screenplay. The writing was good, but what made the movie notable were the performances, the direction and the seamless and effective incorporation of archive footage. Aside from that, the screenplay was lifted from real The Life and Times of Harvey Milk and it's quite obvious. I personally believe that "Best Original Screenplay" should have at least something to do with innovation and creativity (you know, something "original"). When I think of what went into Courtney Hunt creating Frozen River from instinct, an idea and a blank page, and compare it to Milk which is just "this happened and then that happened, and here is a happy little framing device to tie it all together" it doesn't strike me as particularly deserving.

  2. Hey there Ms. FF,
    You know, i totally agree with you, all very good points! Much as I loved Milk, everything you say is true... and the storyline of Frozen River had so many things tied into (race and class issues, poverty, parenthood) that it's surprising it didn't feel manipulative or cliche or sentimental at any given moment. This film deserves so many kudos... Sidenote: For those who are interested: you can see The Life and Times of Harvey Milk for free over at


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