Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Random Act of Self Indulgence .06

First, I'm delighted to have discovered a little film called Medicine for Melancholy, thanks to the film blog Cinematical (love this site!). It’s a love story, sort of, set in San Francisco -- the city I miss deeply -- and looks like the kind of film I would rush to see at the Roxie or the Castro back in the day. Here’s a trailer (and a write-up at Cinematical):

Ok, I’m really telling you too much about me in also revealing my utter adoration of people like Will Farrell and Ben Stiller. Uh, did I mention Jack Black?

You may have caught these trailers during the Super Bowl, if you were so inclined. If not, here are peeks at two stupidly funny films coming out this summer (not necessarily for the kiddies). (Oh, I also {heart} Paul Rudd.)

Land of the Lost:

Year One:

Speaking of Paul Rudd, another adult comedy coming out this summer is I Love You, Man, where Rudd is a man in search of a new man friend to be his best man at his wedding. Some very funny stuff here ... and I think I’m now a fan of Jason Segal.

Ok, and I have to do something for the kids here, don’t I? Dunno how I overlooked giving a little nod to Monsters vs. Aliens, coming out in late March. Not sure if this one will be a home run or not.

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