Sunday, November 15, 2009

Favorite Kid Films

As I continue to contemplate retirement from blogging, I do feel compelled to call up a list of some of our favorites; films we really enjoyed when K was roughly 10 to 12 years old and we could get him to watch a movie. Now, he's much more social, and is a skateboarding fiend, meaning he spends a lot of time at the nearby indoor skate park. Much better than couch potato-ing (with TV, X-box and laptop), so we have no complaints.

First, you can start with the movies (like Little Manhattan, Iron Giant) that are linked to their graphic images below (far left), as those are definitely some favorites. Regarding Planet of the Apes, I'll point out that K and his dad watched the entire series of films and loved them all (I've seen three).

Here are some other titles we highly recommend (in no particular order):

The Prisoner TV series (PG)
Blindsight (PG)
Jackie Chan: Snake in the Eagle's Shadow (PG)
Genre: '50s Sci Fi/Fantasy and "Horror" Movies

Ok, that might keep you busy for a while.

What you you watched lately with your own kids?


  1. Thank You very much ! I have noted all the list as my chilren really love to watch movies in thrier free time.

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  8. perfect movies. i had a great time watching these when i was little

  9. Thank you for the list, i'll just check with the kiddos later.

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