Thursday, October 15, 2009

Where The WIld Things Are

Interesting piece in PopMatters on Where The Wild Things Are, opening this Friday:

Both Spike and Sendak’s Max are reflective of their time, and yet completely true to the dark and often disappointing tenets of youth. Naturally, grown-ups would balk at such cinematic bravado. Give their progeny as much mindless eye candy as possible, but God forbid they be required to think—or even worse, question and reflect. [Jonze is] journeying deep into the fragile heart of pre-adolescent darkness here, reminding us of how fun and fractured growing up can be. ...

I have to confess I’m glad son K says he’ll see this with me, now that he’s making the leap to cell-phone carrying, football-playing, pre-teen ... I’m looking forward to it. Reviews are generally strong; the Chicago Trib called it “nervy and breathtaking.”


  1. How can I get R & F to this film...or even should I? I really want to see it - but they refuse on the basis that they think it's a film for "little kids".
    Advice? Should they go or should they stay (now) :)

  2. If they go, there will be trouble .... (!)

    Hey D! Tell 'em it's NOT for little kids and in fact, yr not even sure they SHOULD see it! (This is the truth, based on what I've heard! We haven't made it yet, but hope to this weekend...)

  3. It is quite good movie. My children liked lot this movie.


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