Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New York, New York

Well, it’s been quieter here than I anticipated, and I will be ramping up again soon! Promise. Just got back from the holiday/family excursion out west, a lovely time was had but now I’ve got about 48 hours to do some paid work and laundry, as we’re off to New York for a few days! This will be K’s first NY experience, and I’m excited for him to see one of my favorite cities.

I’ve decided we need to choose between visiting The Paley Center for Media, formerly The Museum of Television & Radio, where we can see the original Frost/Nixon interview, some vintage Elvis, Buster Keaton, Twilight Zones or any number of other film treats, or visiting the Museum of the Moving Image, where K can make his own animated film, and he can also play old school video games like Donkey Kong and Space Invaders! (I know which museum he’d pick!)

Besides the Natural History Museum, and some wandering and consumption of yummy New York pizza, we’re not going with much of a plan and don’t have a ton of time. But if you have a “must do with kids” tip for me (or can make a recommendation between the two media museums), please share! I’ve been to New York plenty, but never with a kid in tow.

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