Monday, October 20, 2008


Ok, an update on Beetle Juice and Ghost Busters, which people can't believe I'd never seen before. I'm telling you, ask me anything about popular culture from the '80s and I probably won't know the answer. I spent my days working at poorly paying, creative, fun jobs, and my nights crawling around punk clubs and oddball performance venues. (I once went to an "art performance" where the "artists" came on stage, and then proceeded to unfold a small pile of cardboard boxes -- in the dark. I left before the lights came back on, but learned later that was pretty much the gist of it.)

Anyway, the funny thing is: K was reluctant to watch Beetle Juice with me, and I think he was a little nervous about the scary stuff, but didn't want to say it. I think we forget that these films, which broke ground so long ago, still pack a visual punch for kids. And it is a Tim Burton film, after all.

I'll just say that if, like me, you weren't familiar with this Halloween... classic, that you may want to pass on it for the kids. It was entertaining enough for me (wow, was that Dick Cavett?!), the animation is now dated but charming, and it has that quirky, artistic Burton flair for sure. But there is adult language (shocking -- it's hard to remember that PG films have changed since the '80s!), and some adult and sexual humor that just ain't appropriate. Your 14-year old will like it, but probably enjoy it more without you in the room.

I was going try to see Ghost Busters ... with K ... for you. (I know, I know, who hasn't seen it... blah, blah, blah.) But then I looked it up on IMDB (Internet Movie Dababase), and read the "parental guide" comments. We will pass.

Amazing the difference between PG movies then and now! Come on, Shrek is PG, for cryin' out loud; compare the parental guides between those two films on IMDB, and you might be surprised.

Don't miss Halloween Films Part III.


  1. Great review of the Halloween movies, some I remember and others I have never seen. Happy Halloween!

  2. I just ran across Attack of the Killer Tomatoes on t.v. I don't know... any chance it it kitchy enough to be more on the humerous not scarey...side for older kids/teens?

    I too never have seen BeetleJuice, but after your review have no renewed interest.

    Have distinct memories of enjoying ghostbusters as a kid when it came out. And eventhough I haven't seen it in my adult life- I do know that Bill Murray hasn't made a movie I didn't like- so maybe when K goes to bed?


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