Sunday, August 3, 2008

Today: Netflix Discs in Our House

I guess this is a rather typical assortment for us: My Side of the Mountain (1969); Keegan loved this book and so we’ll try the movie. It’s about a kid who goes off into the woods and tries to live on his own. Amazing Grace (2006) Maybe you caught this one... it played in our area for about five minutes and then took a while to get back on my radar. Hello Marylou: Prom Night II (1987) This one is D’s. I'm not sure what I need to really say about it. The Wire: Season 1, Disc 1. This is for me. Yeah, it’s pretty good. Can’t say I’m entirely hooked (Entourage had me after the very first episode), but I’ll stay with it. One thing I gotta say: the acting is superb, especially all the young unknowns playing the drug dealers and ‘hood creatures. Wow.

Good thing we have enough computer screens and TVs to keep us all entertained at once.

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