Thursday, July 31, 2008

How It All Happened (I think)

Never say never.

(Or, try to limit yourself to one a year.)

I’m not 100% sure how it happened, this blogging thing (see first post below). But it has something to do with my freelance writing, and the fact that there was some spillage recently, where my fingers and brain started acting as if I were part of the music scene back there, back then. I wrote a few pieces from a personal point of view, based on past experiences, and that personal musing/hollering/questioning – as opposed to the basic review writing for which I’m paid – was so much fun I couldn’t stop.

I found myself thinking more and more about kids’ movies (related to our now 11-year-old son), and about some of the garbage out there and how to find the good stuff, and I also found myself ranting on occasion about things like inappropriate previews in theaters and perfectly stupid, pointless moments that ruin otherwise perfectly good kids’ films.

Where to go with this?

Maine isn’t a publishing Mecca. There is not a lot of free-flowing green stuff in the ether, marked for things like publishing and art, and therefore not a whole lot of opportunity. I’m currently pitching my “cool kid film reviews” to a couple of print outlets; we’ll see how it goes (and keep you informed, if you care).

But for now, I figured, why not keep my fingers nimble and my brain engaged on the topic with a blog? Hmm. You know, in blog-land, it’s like the tree falling in the woods. Will anyone hear (read) it? Would I care? Should I care? Isn’t it all about honing my chops and getting the creative juices flowing?

Yeah. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Keep the juices flowing. And on a blog, I can hear YOU ... if you fall in the woods.


Meaning, uh, I do hope you’ll use the “comments” section here -- to agree, disagree, suggest your own ideas, rant about your own pet peeves. Whatever. Just click on “comments.” See what happens.

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